There are so many places you can stream your content. Places like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN, Twitch, your own website and about 50 other places will accept your live stream. You can use a service like Streamyard to broadcast your shows to all of your channels.

But, how do you know what is playing and where it is playing if you are not on each of those platforms? You have to check each platform all of the time in order to get all of the updates and alerts for your favorite shows.

Well, Poduty is attempting to solve a portion of that problem. Any podcaster, creator, or YouTube can list any content, anytime on Poduty and it is 100% Free to do so.

Poduty is platform agnostic! We don’t care where you stream, we care THAT you stream! If you are going to stream a live show, publish it on our Events calendar. You can link directly to the event and you can even list out anywhere else people can find your shows.

Go ahead an give it a try. List your event for Free

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