Be a Guest on Rise and Outshine!

About the show:
Each week 2 podcasters will come on the show and do 10 minutes of their podcast in front of the judges and an audience. This can be a live segment or a 10 minute pre-recorded segment.

After the segment of your episode plays, we will do an interview with you and ask any questions from the audience. The judges will give honest feedback about the podcast and make recommendations or suggestions if any are needed.

On this show you you will get:
✅ Your podcast reviewed by your peers
✅ You will get a copy of your segment to release as your own episode #SwapCast
✅ Be one of the first invited into a private networking group
✅ Get enhanced free event listings on

Where this gets fun:
All of the episodes will culminate into a quarterly podcast showcase and an annual mega event. The annual show will feature the best of the year and an awards ceremony. Both of those appearances will be paid appearances!

The only way to get on the paid appearances and qualify for the awards show is to run your show live on Rise and Outshine!

I would love to showcase your podcast on the next show! Fill out this short form and let’s make that happen!