Empower Your Fundraising with Poduty’s Event Platform

We’re Helping to Maximizing Impact for Schools and Nonprofits

Transform Your Fundraising Efforts: Move beyond traditional sales-based fundraisers and step into the world of engaging events where your community doesn’t just contribute, but also connects. With our Live Events custom built program, schools and nonprofits can harness the power of virtual and live events to fuel their missions, ensuring a substantial 70% commission on every ticket sold.

Why Choose Poduty for Your Fundraiser?

🔹 Higher Commissions: Keep more of what you raise with our exceptional 70% commission rate, significantly surpassing the industry standards of 10-50%.

🔹 Customizable 90-Minute Programs: Whether it’s showcasing local talent, hosting skill competitions, or engaging audiences with trivia and polls, we craft a dynamic 90-minute program tailored to your organization’s unique spirit.

🔹 Interactive Features: Our platform is built for interaction – live feedback, comments, and real-time engagement ensure participants are not just viewers, but active contributors to the event’s success.

🔹 Diverse Event Ideas: From talent showcases to cooking classes, from expert panels to fitness challenges, we help you brainstorm and bring to life an event that reflects your organization’s creativity and community spirit.

🔹 Full Support Every Step of the Way: We don’t just provide a platform; we partner with you. Our team works alongside you to ensure your fundraising event is seamless, stress-free, and successful.

Elevate Your Fundraising with Engaging, Profitable Events! Join hands with Poduty and let’s create experiences that entertain, engage, and contribute to your cause. Because when it comes to supporting education and charitable work, we believe in making every moment—and every dollar—count.

Let’s Fundraise Together!

Fill out this short contact form and we’ll set up a time to discuss your event. We’ll discuss how we can build you an entertaining 90 minute program and help maximize the fundraising for your organization!

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