Webinars and Interactive Learning Camps

We love putting on events! We also love helping others learn about all things digital. Check out our Events Calendar for listings of upcoming events and learning camps.

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  • Learning how to podcast
  • How to build your social media
  • How to get started in event production

Here are 5 reasons to join us on our next live training event

Hands-On Learning
Dive deep with practical exercises that simulate real-world challenges, ensuring you’re ready to tackle digital projects head-on.
Immersive learning is the cornerstone of our webinars. We believe in the power of doing rather than just listening. Our curriculum integrates real-world scenarios, requiring attendees to apply what they’ve learned immediately. This experiential approach ensures the retention of knowledge and builds confidence in navigating digital media tasks.

Comprehensive Topics
From digital marketing strategies to the nuances of live streaming, our webinars cover a spectrum of essential digital media subjects.
The digital media landscape is vast and ever-evolving. We’ve carefully curated our webinar topics to ensure attendees get a holistic understanding of the field. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to understand the basics of podcasting or a professional seeking advanced live streaming techniques, our sessions cater to varied learning needs.

Expert Instructors
Learn from industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience and insights to each session, making complex topics accessible.
Our roster of instructors boasts professionals who’ve been in the trenches of the digital media world. They bring with them not just theoretical knowledge but invaluable, on-the-ground experiences. Their insights, tips, and real-life anecdotes make learning relatable and digestible.

Immediate Application
Our training emphasizes actionable knowledge. Walk away with skills you can implement immediately, driving digital success.
It’s one thing to learn a new skill; it’s another to apply it effectively. Our sessions are designed with a focus on immediate application. We prioritize tools, techniques, and strategies that attendees can integrate into their work or personal projects right away, ensuring they derive maximum value from our webinars.

Community & Support Join a network of like-minded learners. Exchange ideas, seek guidance, and stay updated on the latest in digital media.
Beyond the webinar sessions, we foster a vibrant community of learners and practitioners. This platform allows for continuous learning, mentorship opportunities, and idea exchanges. It’s not just about attending a session; it’s about being part of a growing digital media family.

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