Are your notifications running late?

Your Live stream has a problem

There are two problems with most live streams and they feed off of each other.

  1. The algorithm is not likely to recommend most live streams while they are happening, which prevents your audience from joining.
  2. Many live streams are not engaging or interesting.

Understanding the Algorithm’s Approach to Live Streams:

The primary purpose of any platform’s algorithm is to keep users engaged for as long as possible. This prolonged engagement allows the network to display ads, and ideally, have users interact with those ads.

So, how many ads are showcased during a live stream? The answer is none. This presents a conundrum for the platform: why promote a live stream where users might spend 30-40 minutes engaged but not interact with any ads? It’s a period where users consume platform resources without generating direct ad revenue.

Moreover, when you watch a live stream, especially if it’s hosted by someone familiar, you’re more inclined to engage with likes and comments. While this is valuable, it doesn’t match the revenue potential of ad clicks – which are absent during live streams.

But replays on the other hand!

Now replays offer a way for a video to display a pre roll video on some platforms. Pre roll videos are paid by advertisers and optimizing for ads is the primary goal of the algorithm. It is not to serve you and bring your an audience.

Where is my update?

You see this all the time. You’ve maybe registered for an upcoming live or someone you know might have gone live. Sure enough, they will send you an email. But look at the time sent – 1:37PM. There is only one problem with that and you will see it on the next image!

The problem is that this live stream is almost over!

Brooke started her livestream on time at 1PM, but LinkedIN didn’t send the notification until nearly 40 minutes later

You have to take control!

If the network you are building your platform on, won’t support you, then who will?

This is why we are building something different at Poduty. Our site is platform agnostic. We don’t care where your stream lives, we just care that you live stream!

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