Nicky Billou and Jeff Revilla guest on the all new Rise and Outshine Podcast Showcase

Rise and Outshine Relaunch with Nicky Billou and Jeff Revilla

Rise and Outshine is back! I’m relaunching this show with an all new format!

Step into our audio arena where podcasters, both seasoned and new, shine their brightest. Every episode, witness 2 or 3 creators share a tantalizing 10-minute snippet of their podcast, be it a live demonstration or a pre-recorded gem, to a panel of podcasting aficionados and an audience with a keen ear.

Meet Tonight’s Shows

The Thought Leader Revolution and Stuff I Never Knew will showcase their shows for 10 minutes each!

Genre: Lifestyle
The Thought Leader Revolution Podcast

MAKE THE DIFFERENCE YOU WERE BORN TO MAKE The Business of Thought Leadership podcast is about building your thought leadership around your expertise, your brand and your name.

You’ll meet entrepreneurs that have leveraged thought leadership in driving business revenue, coaches that were unknown and barely making ends who later became celebrities and took their income into the 7 figures, consultants that transformed into best-selling authors and built multi-million dollar firms and senior executives who followed their passion, left their day jobs and are changing the world.

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast
Genre: Trivia and Games
Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show

“Stuff I Never Knew” is your go-to trivia game show podcast that tests your knowledge with facts you might never have encountered before. Hosted by the enthusiastic Jeff Revilla, the show welcomes three guests each week from different walks of life, who battle it out over three rounds of high stakes trivia. The trivia topics are diverse, and each round has its own unique theme, like “Who Said That? Selena Gomez or Spiderman” or “Video Games, Flags, Fast Food Founders and Name 5”. The final face-off is a thrilling round where players bring their own buzzers for the ultimate trivia showdown.

But there’s more than just performances! Join Jeff and our expert panel for a candid chat post-showcase. Anticipate genuine feedback, insightful suggestions, and a chance to pick the brains of podcasting pros. And, we haven’t forgotten our audience – your questions are our command!

Now, here’s the golden opportunity: Our weekly showcases aren’t just for applause. They’re your ticket to our quarterly podcast summit and the annual crowning event. Imagine the premier event in podcasting, complete with awards and yes, a paycheck for the spotlight!

Reasons to join the “Rise and Outshine” journey:

🎙 Gain insightful reviews from people in the industry making it happen
🔄 Secure a copy of your showcased segment for a special #SwapCast episode.
🤝 Be among the pioneers of a close-knit podcasters’ networking community.
🎉 Reap the benefits of premium, free event listings on

For podcasters aiming to elevate their craft or listeners on the hunt for the podcasting world’s rising stars, “Rise and Outshine with Live Events for Podcasters” is your destination. Join us and be part of the podcasting renaissance!

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