Even Tacos Fall Apart with Momma FoxFire and More than a Few Words with Lorraine Ball

Episode 18 – Featuring More than a Few Words and Even Tacos Fall Apart

In Episode 18 of ‘Rise and Outshine,’ featuring ‘More Than a Few Words,’ and ‘Even Tacos Fall Apart’, host Jeff Revilla along with guest judge Wize Otero evaluate podcasts by Lorraine Ball and Momma FoxFire.

Connect with My Guests:

Lorraine Ball
More Than a Few Words

Momma FoxFire
Even Tacos Fall Apart

The episode begins with Jeff introducing the show and his guests, including Lorraine who has been running ‘More than a Few Words’ for 14 years, and Momma FoxFire whose podcast is called ‘Even Tacos Fall Apart.’

Wize talks about his work with Real Wise Productions and his podcast ‘Stuck in My Mind.’ The discussion touches on a variety of topics, including niche versus broad podcast themes, personal struggles, mental health advocacy, and the business of podcasting.

One highlight is Jeff being put in the hot seat by Momma FoxFire to discuss his previous dream and its downfall of owning a skateboard shop. Lorraine interviews Behdad Jamshidi about the importance of finding the right marketing partners for business owners.

The episode ends with positive feedback from the audience, praise from the other guests, and the participants sharing links for connecting with their audiences. The show is interactive, allowing the audience to rate different aspects of the podcast such as host engagement and content quality.

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