Podcast Showcase with Steph Escoto, Diana Perez and Zabe

Podcast Showcase: Sugar, Spice & a little Advice Plus Who Will Save Generation X

We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates and exciting content from the Rise and Outshine podcast hosted by Jeff Revilla

In our latest episode, Diana and Steph the hosts of “Sugar, Spice and a little Advice,” shared an engaging discussion about change, personal experiences, and the challenges of navigating life’s transitions. From moving to different states to seeking signs and finding comfort in the journey, Diana and Steph shared inspiring perspectives that resonate with many of us.

Our second show tonight was the Who Will Save Generation X? The Podcast! Listeners were encouraged to participate by sharing their scores and feedback, and we appreciate every single contribution that helped make the episode even more interactive. Tonight’s contestant Jason participated in a round of movie tagline trivia and aced the lightning round game “What the Blank?” with flying colors!

Leading by example, Jason set the benchmark high for audience participation, and we can’t wait to see our listeners rise to the challenge.

In addition to the engaging content, we also discussed the exciting format of our podcast showcase, inviting viewers to join us and participate in the fun. The interactive nature of the show allows us to create a captivating, nostalgic atmosphere while fostering connections and helping each other grow as podcasters.

We also received valuable feedback from our wonderful audience, and we want to extend our gratitude for your participation. Your honest feedback and support are invaluable as we continue to evolve and grow. Together, we’re all on a mission to rise in the rankings and outshine the competition! To stay updated on all things Rise and Outshine, be sure to subscribe to our podcast and follow us on social media for the latest announcements, upcoming episodes, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Meet Tonight’s Shows

Sugar, Spice & a little Advice and Who Will Save Generation X will showcase their shows for 10 minutes each!

Sugar, Spice and a Little Advice with Steph Escoto and Diana Perez
Genre: Lifestyle
Sugar, Spice & a little Advice

Welcome to “Sugar and Spice and a Little Advice,” the podcast that takes you on a transformative journey that includes laughter, tears, and self-refection. From the trails of our own experiences to the highways of our favorite Disney movies, our podcast explores several different avenues in the hopes that we will understand ourselves better and become better humans.
#embracecreativity #connectionmatters #selfgrowthstories #lifelessons

Who Will Save Generation X? The Trivia Game Show Podcast
Genre: Games and hobbies
Who Will Save Generation X Trivia Game Show Podcast

Do your part to help save Generation X by tuning into this podcast devoted to remembering, celebrating and preserving the pop culture of the 70s 80s and 90s. Join Gen X host Zabe as he tests the skills and memories of Gen X contestants with trivia games, pitting two friends against each other for the ultimate slacker prizes. Play along from home, root on your favorite competitor, and yell at the judges if you must.

But there’s more than just performances! Join Jeff and our expert panel for a candid chat post-showcase. Anticipate genuine feedback, insightful suggestions, and a chance to pick the brains of podcasting pros. And, we haven’t forgotten our audience – your questions are our command!

Now, here’s the golden opportunity: Our weekly showcases aren’t just for appl

ause. They’re your ticket to our quarterly podcast summit and the annual crowning event. Imagine the premier event in podcasting, complete with awards and yes, a paycheck for the spotlight!

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For podcasters aiming to elevate their craft or listeners on the hunt for the podcasting world’s rising stars, “Rise and Outshine with Live Events for Podcasters” is your destination. Join us and be part of the podcasting renaissance!

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