Episode 3 with Ruben Jay and Naill Mackay

Episode #3 – TikTok Podcast App, YouTube Audio Ads, Fictional Podcast Characters and Podcast Studios

I’ve got 2 great guests joining me tonight to discuss the latest news in Podcasting, Livestreaming, Advertising and more!

Welcome to the show:
Niall Mackay

Director at Seven Million Bikes .com
A podcast creation agency helping you host, produce and publish your podcast

Ruben Jay
President of MultiMediaMouth


YouTube to Let Advertisers Target Podcast Listeners
SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter

Beta version launched in 2020
New version increases ad time from 15 seconds to 30 seconds audio ad spots on video

Will this bridge the transition between YouTube Videos and Podcast Subscriptions?

TikTok is going after podcasting—and it’s all YouTube’s fault
SOURCE: Insider Intelligence
Could Tik Tok be releasing a Podcast app?

TikTok may be getting ready to release a Podcast App
TikTok has over 1 billion monthly users and 138 million monthly US Users
Recently registered for a patent for TikTok Music which includes podcast content

Is this really YouTube’s fault or is it from a fragmented app market on the Android Side?  

Suddenly, every fictional character is a podcaster. Why aren’t they doing it right?

Key Notes from Article:
Podcast Characters in shows are popping up everywhere.  From Sex and the City revival And Just like that, to Ghostbusters Afterlife that has a character named “Podcast”

Are these appearances good for podcasting?
Does this make content creation look like a joke?

What about fictional characters releasing podcasts?  Ron Burgundy?
Or HBO’s effort to extend the viewing experience with podcast content from cast/directors?

A New, Rentable Podcasting Studio In West Loop Offers The ‘Ritz Carlton’ Experience
SOURCE: Block Club Chicago

One stop space for recording podcasts
700 square feet with a lounge area and four-person sit down recording table
Price starts at $350 per podcast episode.  $750 for a premium package with editing and clips

There have been podcast studios set up in the past.  This one is premium.  Do you think this will help bring this model to other locations around the county?

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