The Mommy Mentor and Successfully Chaotic Podcast Showcase

The Mommy Mentor and Successfully Chaotic Podcast Showcase – Episode 16

Meet our Shows Tonight!

The Mommy Mentor and Successfully Chaotic will showcase their shows for 10 minutes each!

The Mommy Mentor Podcast
The Mommy Mentor Podcast

Welcome to the Mommy Mentor Podcast! My podcast explores the challenges and joys of parenting, navigating working mom life, and maintaining personal identity amidst the responsibilities of parenthood. Afterall, this parenting bullsheet is hard, am I right?

I talk everything parenting, from sleepless nights with newborns to sleepless nights with teens. From potty training to sending them off to college. I’m here to get you through it all as your Mommy Mentor. My name is Erinn Kennedy Heldt and I’m a registered nurse and a mom of three.

Successfully Chaotic
Successfully Chaotic

Welcome to Successfully Chaotic, the podcast that celebrates the beautifully frenzied journey of entrepreneurship entwined with the joys of family life.

Hosted by Maria Daniels, a mom of seven, a passionate small business owner, and an advocate for natural living, this podcast is your sanctuary in the world of mompreneurs. At Successfully Chaotic, we believe that life isn’t about finding the perfect balance between business and family; it’s about embracing the delightful chaos and finding clarity within it.

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Special Guest Judge
Wize Otero
Real Wize Productions


Welcome to another enlightening episode of “Rise and Outshine,” I’m your host, Jeff Revilla, ready to dive into a world where chaos meets clarity. Today, we’re joined by a special panel of guests with heartfelt insights that echo through the lives of many.

In Episode 16, we’re thrilled to have the magnetic duo from the Successfully Chaotic podcast, Maria Daniels and Stacey Pryce. They’ll share the rollercoaster of juggling seven kids, several businesses, and the pursuit of clear skies amidst tumultuous times. Expect to learn how to cherish the small victories and take life one step at a time.

Bringing a unique perspective to today’s show is Wize Otero, serving not only as a guest but also as our guest judge, keeping an ear out for the finer nuances of podcasting excellence.

But that’s not all – we’ll take a heartfelt journey with Erinn Kennedy Heldt, a postpartum nurse turned Mommy Mentor, offering her experiences and invaluable advice for managing the almost inevitable mom guilt that touches so many.

Our conversation promises to be more than just words; we aim to touch lives and offer solace to anyone riding the waves of parenting challenges. Don’t forget to be part of the show by scoring each segment on five criteria – because your voice shapes our journey to outshine.

Prepare your hearts and ears for a session full of camaraderie, authenticity, and the lifeline of support that often goes unnoticed. Get ready for another captivating episode of “Rise and Outshine,” where we shine a light on the trials and triumphs of parenthood.


But there’s more than just performances! Join Jeff and our expert panel for a candid chat post-showcase. Anticipate genuine feedback, insightful suggestions, and a chance to pick the brains of podcasting pros. And, we haven’t forgotten our audience – your questions are our command!

Now, here’s the golden opportunity: Our weekly showcases aren’t just for applause. They’re your ticket to our quarterly podcast summit and the annual crowning event. Imagine the premier event in podcasting, complete with awards and yes, a paycheck for the spotlight!

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For podcasters aiming to elevate their craft or listeners on the hunt for the podcasting world’s rising stars, “Rise and Outshine with Live Events for Podcasters” is your destination. Join us and be part of the podcasting renaissance!

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