All new episode featuring Static Radio and PSA the Mental Health Podcast

Episode 17: Mixing Humor and Mental Health with Static Radio and PSA The Mental Health Podcast

Jeff Revilla kicks off the latest episode of ‘Rise and Outshine’ after coming back from the holiday break with an all-new lineup, which includes Static Radio with Bob and Peaches, a.k.a. Miles Tidal, and Izzy Baker from the PSA mental health show.

The episode buzzes with the energetic theme song, emphasizing their mission to rise and outshine in the rankings.

Guest judge Tyler Brooke is introduced, who hosts a geeky show mainly focused on Marvel and DC Comics. He teases his new spin-off series called ‘The Undatable X Men’ and details how to connect with him on social media and YouTube.

Jeff outlines the show format, aiming to evaluate the audio quality, hosting engagement, content quality, and production standards. QR codes and a rating code are flaunted on-screen, inviting the audience to actively participate.

As Static Radio opts to present first, Izzy and Tyler step back, prepping for a fun evaluation process. Miles Tidal and Bob LeMent from Static Radio chime in with a lighthearted exchange, revealing that Static Radio dates back to 1999 and remains as regular as their peach-rich diet, full of humor and fond of the fiber.

Connect with our Featured Shows and Judge:
Static Radio
with Miles Tidal and Bob LeMent

P.S.A. the Mental Health Podcast
with Izzy Baker

Special Guest Judge:
Tyler Brooke

Geek Talk with Tyler!

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