Rise and Outshine Podcast Episode #2

Episode #2 – The Billion Dollar Man Mr. Beast, Spotify Cancels Shows, Is Podcasting Just Radio?

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Rise and Outshine Creator Community Podcast.  On this podcast, I invite guests on to discuss the current news surrounding Podcasting, Live Streaming and YouTube.  We’ll dissect the news of the day and see how it applies to your business.

My guests are:
Matthew Gray

Entrepreneurial Advisor, Interview Consultant, Chef, Author, Journalist, Food Tour Creator, Radio Talk-Show Host, Menu Development, Great Ideas, Passion Strategies, & Life Coaching
Order his new book at:

Princess Tia
Podcaster, motivational speaker and general manager of Caribbean Professionals LLC
Call her at 876-877-5833
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Jeff Revilla
Your Host

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Our Topics and Sources for this episode:
MR Beast Turns Down $1 Billion deal for his YouTube channel and associated companies

Spotify cancels 11 original podcasts, lays off under 5% of podcast staff

Spotify makes show without original hosts.  Sex, Lies and DM Slides relaunches with new hosts
Exclusive story on: https://podnews.net/update/old-show-new-hosts

Podcasting Is Just Radio Now It’s been ages since the last blockbuster narrative show. What does that mean for the medium as an art form?

The Guardian
‘It’s the way the industry is going’: how YouTube is transforming podcasting

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