Marketing Discussions with Ally Pinon, Phil Better and Wize

Chat GPT, TikTok Categories and Trivia, Instagram getting rid of Live Shopping – Episode 8

We are back after a Football Holiday break!  We’ve got 3 great topics to cover tonight

Chat GPT – What is is? Should everyone have access to this?
New Tik Tok Category Features and Trivia Night
Instagram discontinuing Live Shopping

I’ve got 3 great guests joining me tonight:

Wil “Wize” Otero
Real Wize Productions

Ally Piñon
Digital Marketing Director for Texas-based Chastang Automotive Group

Phil Better
Podcast Mogul • Helping Independent Podcasters Grow their Audience Daily

Show Notes:

Chat GPT – General discussion

So much has changed since our last episode!  Chat GPT was released or unleashed upon the world!
Garnered over 100 million users in the first month
29 Billion in valuation

What is Chat GPT?  How accurate is it?
Is this a tool for marketers?  Should marketers or content creators be worried about their jobs?
Is this a technology everyone should have access to? 
Do you have any future concerns about the flood of fake information, deep fake videos and artificially created photos?

New Tik Tok Features
SOURCE: TechCrunch
Tik Tok does have a pretty good search function and does auto categorize videos.  But still there isn’t a great way to jump into a specific category.  That changes with this new update:

From Tech Crunch “TikTok has quietly added new topic feeds to its homepage alongside its current “Following” and “For You” feeds. Some users are now seeing new video feeds dedicated to “Sports,” “Fashion,” “Gaming” and “Food.” Swiping between the feeds shows you content for each category without having to specifically search for it.”

Instagram is getting rid of live shopping
SOURCE: The Verge
Facebook and Instagram have been practically begging businesses to set up shops on their platforms.  You can still set up a store and experience 0 fees through June.  Despite this push for the last 2 years, I have yet to make a purchase from a store or even see an item available for sale in a Facebook store.

Is this a case of “stop trying to make fetch happen”?  Do people want to shop on Facebook and Instagram

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